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Rockbridge Realty Group proudly offers the following services to our clients…

Buyer Representation:  Rockbridge specializes in assisting Buyers and Investors with commercial and investment property acquisitions throughout the continental United States. 

Exclusive Listing “For Sale”:  Rockbridge will assist Sellers with the sale of their commercial and investment property.  Our general coverage area for our “for sale” listings is Upstate New York depending upon the size and type of property.  We consider only exclusive listing agreements, we do cooperate with other brokers, and we will fully exposure our listings to the market in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

Exclusive Listing “For Lease”: Rockbridge will assist Landlords with the leasing of their commercial space.  Our general coverage area for our “for lease” listings is the Rochester, NY metropolitan area.

Consulting:  Rockbridge provides a wide range of consulting services relating to commercial and investment properties.  We also have a network of attorneys, accountants, exchange counselors, appraisers, property managers and other real estate professionals who will team with Rockbridge to achieve the right answers and best results for our clients.

Analysis & Valuation:  Rockbridge is uniquely qualified to provide analysis and valuation services to our clients.  We have extensive experience in the valuation of virtually all types of commercial and investment property.

Property Management:  Rockbridge currently manages a portfolio of multiple tenant residential, housing, office and retail type properties.  We have specialized over the years in re-stabilizing miss-managed and under-performing properties by applying a simple approach: organization.  By understanding value, we know what needs to be done to achieve the optimum results for our clients.